A List of Things to be Happy About #1:

  1. Hazelnut Americanos.
  2. Our Canada trip.
  3. Four more months till I become Mrs. Gagnon.
  4. Sleeping in.
  5. Binge watching Arrow.
  6. Running.
  7. Hiking.
  8. Warm, oversized sweaters.
  9. Spending time with family.
  10. Long, meaningful conversations.
  11. Making new friends.
  12. Bear Creek Black Raspberry Wine from Homer.
  13. Seward, Alaska.
  14. Mountain views.
  15. Ocean views.
  16. Being 5 feet away from sea otters and watching them swim gracefully.
  17. 2 years with the best guy anyone could ever ask for.
  18. XtraTufs.
  19. Drinking glacier water.
  20. Gaining more daylight.

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