A List of Things to be Happy About #2: 

  1. Family days. 
  2. Fur Rondy. 
  3. Clear skies and sunny days. 
  4. Family dinners. 
  5. Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiatos. 
  6. Sushi. 
  7. Strawberries. 
  8. Ed Sheeran’s new album. 
  9. Seeing my dad happy. 
  10. Having the best younger brothers any older sister could ever ask for. 
  11. Fuzzy socks. 
  12. Charcoal exfoliating scrubs. 
  13. Peel off face masks. 
  14. Lush products. 
  15. 108 days till the big day! 
  16. More daylight. 
  17. Chocolate chip walnut cookies. 
  18. Target. 
  19. Reading. 
  20. Writing. 

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